Resident Evil Village Fans Spot Crazy New Detail About Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village

Even at a passing glance, the amount of work and dedication poured into making Resident Evil Village the best game it can be is obvious from the get-go.

From the incredible design of its titular core to the branching paths which snake outward like blood vessels connecting a living organism, Capcom’s comment prior to release that the village is its own character in the sequel is nothing short of perfectly accurate. The four lords who Ethan is tasked with defeating in order to rescue his daughter from the clutches of Mother Miranda maintain a symbiotic relationship with their homeland, making each area feel lived in and not just an artificial stage created solely in the interests of providing engaging gameplay.

By digging a little deeper under the surface, in fact, content creator and TikTok channel Hidden Gaming Details has spotted something pretty neat in Village‘s opening Castle Dimitrescu area, which further exhibits Capcom’s attention to detail.


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As depicted above, the dungeon area made out of solid rock and situated underneath Alcina’s ornate abode is accessed via a set of crudely shaped stairs. While there’s nothing remarkable about that, the channel notes how each third step on the staircase is more worn than the others. At just under 10-foot tall – and boasting a far larger stride than any ordinary-sized human as a result – the cause of this decay is attributed to the fact that Lady Dimitrescu skips most of the descending platforms, only bringing her giant feet into contact with a handful of them during trips to the dungeon.

This is, of course, pure conjecture, but considering the level of scrutiny placed on other areas of the survival horror title and, indeed, its predecessors, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to learn of this being an intentional inclusion. Do you agree, though, or is this simply a case of fans reading far too much into Resident Evil Village‘s design? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!