Resident Evil Village Fans Are Being Targeted With Scam Emails

Resident Evil Village

Horror fans on the lookout for any new information pertaining to Resident Evil Village should steer well clear of opening emails promising to provide exactly that.

According to Capcom, scam artists doing their best to avoid making an honest living have been distributing fake ‘Early Access’ invitations to try and trick unwitting individuals into clicking on and downloading any files/attachments found within. What these files contain and, indeed, what they’ll do if opened, isn’t clear, but suffice it to say, anything referencing the sequel in your emails claiming to be from the studio is an attempt at trickery and should either be ignored or deleted straight away.

For what it’s worth, Capcom stresses that messages using this format are neither being distributed by the company or on its behalf and that it wouldn’t be contacting customers in this way to inform them of any early access period regardless. The latter of these, in fact, is almost exclusively reserved for members of an official Ambassador Program. So if you’re not a member, it’s safe to hit delete.

As a general rule of thumb, then, we’d suggest simply keeping tabs on all the usual social media channels for any new developments, and considering we’re now less than two months away from Village‘s full launch, it probably won’t be long before fans are given a taste of what Ethan Winters’ next adventure will entail in the form of a demo. The delivery of such has already been promised previously and given how these things have been handled in the past, all platforms should have access to one sometime in April.

Until then, you can check out all the latest Resident Evil Village news, including recent confirmation of how the title will be censored in certain regions, over here.