Resident Evil Village PC Update Finally Fixes Stuttering Issues

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village players on PC frustrated with one of the game’s most pervasive performance issues will want to download the latest patch as soon as possible. For those not aware, the survival horror sequel’s desktop version has been affected by what’s most accurately described as frequent stuttering in specific situations.

While no official cause for the problem had been provided by Capcom since launch, hackers recently discovered that removal of the title’s baked-in DRM (software intended to prevent piracy) resulted in instances of reoccurrence disappearing completely. This remedy, while considered illegal in many places around the globe, was later verified by Digital Foundry in its own comparison video.

Unsurprisingly, the revelation prompted a swift response from the developer, who reassured customers that a fix was in the works and would be deployed shortly.

Fortunately, exactly that is now available to download on PC, with early reports from fans indicating that the remedy has achieved its intended effect. Good news, then, no doubt, though the entire debacle certainly raises questions regarding Capcom’s use of DRM. Skeptics will absolutely criticize the studio for only taking action after sales and subsequent profits were deemed at risk, but better late than never, nonetheless.

In related news, Resident Evil Village‘s multiplayer component, RE: Verse, was recently confirmed to have suffered yet another delay and is now aiming for a 2022 launch. If competitive online play isn’t your thing, the developer also confirmed last month that it’s currently in the early stages of producing single-player DLC as an accompaniment to Ethan Winters’ existing story. To learn everything we know so far about both future updates, hit the respective links.