Resident Evil Village World Map Revealed

Resident Evil Village

Capcom has revealed the entire map for Resident Evil Village, giving fans further insight into just how expansive the sequel to 2017’s installment promises to be.

Included alongside several other pieces of key art on IGN last week, the visual representation of Village‘s world explicitly names several locations, spread across what appears to be four distinct districts. While it’s still unclear whether players will be directly visiting each of these, we imagine it unlikely Capcom would have added them in had they not intended as such, so we can only assume that all four will be fully fleshed out for Ethan Winters to reluctantly explore in the quest to rescue his daughter from the clutches of Lady Dimitrescu.

Speaking of which, Castle Dimitrescu, as expected, is present and accounted for on the vintage-looking map, as too is Heisenberg’s Factory. The latter of these belongs to a character of the same name believed to play an important narrative role and many fans suspect him to be the mysterious figure seen in previous trailers wearing what appears to be hunting attire.

You can check out the geographical placement of both for yourself down below:

As for the remaining two settlements – Moreau’s Reservoir and House Beneviento – each has been mentioned in previous leaks and bear heavily referential names. The former, for example, may be a riff on H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel The Island of Doctor Moreau, while the latter could be inspired by the Italian city of Benevento, home of a 13th-century legend concerning witches.

Given the clear inspiration from folklore (enemies with vampiric and lycanthropic attributes have already been shown) that Capcom has taken for Resident Evil Village, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Moreau and Beneviento similarly have ties to mythical beings.

That’s our theory, at least, but what do you think? Let us know in the usual place below!