Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion Comes To Umbrella Corps This Week As Free DLC

Umbrella Corps Mansion

Considering the absolute horror we all experienced within the walls of the Spencer Mansion in the original Resident Evil, it’s somewhat surprising that memories of its stained marble floors and narrow hallways evoke warm feelings of nostalgia rather than fright.

Capcom clearly knows how much we all love the location too, because they’re releasing a map based on it later this week for their spinoff shooter Umbrella Corps. The announcement on the company’s Unity blog reads:

Attention all the battle-hardened mercenaries climbing the online ranks of Umbrella Corps: a new zombie-filled warzone is on the horizon. Players will be able to return to the infamous Spencer Mansion from the original Resident Evil to engage in fast-paced, 3-on-3 battles via free DLC coming later this week.

It’s not quite clear just how much of the mansion has been recreated for the multiplayer-focused game, but we’ll be surprised if the entire estate has been rebuilt, brick by brick, considering its huge size. The iconic entrance hall, dining room and map room are all in though, as confirmed below.

The iconic Mansion may have been blown to smithereens at the end of the first RE, but this nostalgic DLC pack lets players step through the ornate halls and corridors once again. Use your memory of the Mansion’s unique layout to your advantage as your pursue and ambush enemy combatants with your lethal Brainer axe weapon. Take cover behind the statue that once housed the useful map of the Mansion’s 1st floor, or wage war in the deserted west wing dining room. Of course, you’ll want to beware of the zombified Umbrella researchers roaming the halls as well as enemy players.

Umbrella Corps‘ Spencer Mansion DLC arrives July 7 for PC and PlayStation 4 players. Sadly, it’s unlikely to rectify any of the technical and mechanical issues we experienced in our review.