Resistance 3 Gets Brutality And Mastodon

You know what Resistance 3, a game set in 1957, really needed? Metal. Not just any old metal that feels like it would be around during that time if it wouldn’t take Black Sabbath another few years to get an entire genre going, but deep and brutal progressive metal. Imagine this as you take on endless wave after wave of enemy. All this and more can be yours if you purchase the Brutality DLC pack for Resistance 3, available today.

Because no FPS is complete without a survival mode, that’s precisely what the Brutality pack delivers. The pack takes place in a darker version of Wales, and an endless supply of enemies attempt to snuff out your life.

Even better, the pack is accompanied by a seven-track soundtrack from metalheads Mastodon. It seems like an odd choice, but face-melting solos and never-ending slaughter go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Give it a try.

The pack is available right now on PlayStation Network for $3.99.

What say you, gamers? Ready to bust some skulls?