Resistance 3: Starring You?

Here we go again, calm down. So the deal is this, Insomniac is looking to give one overly obsessed fan *clears throat awkwardly* a chance to have their face featured in the finished game. The winner will be get an all expense paid trip to the studio (with a friend I should add) where they will have their face scanned into Resistance 3. The slightly comical and understandable twist is that the winner will be playing one of the badly chewed up survivors, so don’t expect to look like a badass.

On top of this you’ll get a chance to meet the developers and carry out any number of fanboy worshiping rituals around them, and then play the game before it is officially released. Nice huh?

Full details and links you’ll need to enter can be found here on the Playstation Blog.

Resistance 3 is another one of Sony’s PS3 exclusives coming out this year and is set to take the series into slightly darker territory (what studio’s aren’t ?). It comes out on September the 6th.

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