Respawn Plans To Stop Apex Legends Console Players From Using Mouse And Keyboard


Apex Legends players have discovered yet another exploit for the battle royale but this time, the issue is only affecting those on consoles.

Rather than using illicit software to modify game files, this particular problem is a result of hardware. As it turns out, an unquantified portion of the player base has been caught using mouse and keyboard controls on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the shooter, an act that, until now, has been viewed as disingenuous rather than blatant cheating.

Respawn, however, has taken to social media in order to address the continued complaints with a largely unsurprising answer. Speaking on Reddit, Apex community manager Jayfresh acknowledged the issue with a short and concise answer. “Our stance on this? The short answer is: we don’t condone it,” reads the post, adding that the development team is currently “investigating ways to detect if players are doing it that we’re testing internally.”

As for how it intends to deal with players who break the newly-established rule, Respawn has yet to decide, though promises to reveal more in the “near future.” An outcome to be expected, then, though it’s worth noting that the above statement purposely sidesteps the notion of whether using mouse and keyboard on consoles constitutes cheating. Normally, the answer would likely be a resounding no but for Xbox One owners, at least, the reality isn’t so clear-cut.

Microsoft has recently been actively promoting the addition of mouse and keyboard functionality for Xbox One, though in the case of highly-competitive titles like Apex Legends, gives developers the choice of restricting input to gamepad only. That being the case, players caught using a clicker on Microsoft’s platform can only do so via bypassing said prohibitive measures. Sounds an awful lot like cheating to me, I have to say.

Regardless, expect Respawn to share its final decision sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.