Respawn Outlines Plans For Upcoming Titanfall 2 Content

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 will soon be on the receiving end of a substantial update to its multiplayer component, Respawn Entertainment has announced. As per a blog post on its official site, the developer says it fully intends to deliver on the promise of supporting its futuristic shooter with new content post-release, a process that began last year with the release of Angel City’s Most Wanted. Released as a free download, the add-on included a remake of the Angel City map from the original Titanfall, as well as new Titan kits and the Wingman Elite Pistol weapon. But that was just a taste in comparison to what’s coming, by the looks of it.

Scheduled to arrive in the near future, the next content drop will include a new mode – Live Fire – that pits two teams of six pilots against each other in “lightning fast” duels. The emphasis is on close quarters combat with the playlist, which not only prohibits the use of Titans, but disables respawns entirely. The first team to win five rounds by wiping the enemy team is dubbed the victor, although alternative win conditions, such as holding a neutral flag placed in the map, are possible alternatives to pursue.

Two new – unnamed – maps will launch alongside Live Fire, which have been built from the ground-up specifically for the new mode, as well as a new arena for Coliseum: Columns. For those looking for a greater depth of customization options for their Pilots, a new execution animation will be bundled in with the bumper update too, alongside “multiple new Commander intros” for each Faction. A release date for all of the above, which is free, will be announced at a later date, says Respawn.

Despite it having fallen a little into obscurity due, in part, to EA’s decision to release Titanfall 2 in such close proximity to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Respawn still appears to be intent on delivering the best experience it can to fans. It’s a shame that the shooter didn’t fare better upon release, but for what it’s worth, we thought it was a spectacular experience in both its single and multiplayer modes.