Respawn Reflects On Initial Titanfall 2 Beta, Details Start Times For Second Test


Anticipating a batch of unforeseen problems, developer Respawn Entertainment recently implemented an unorthodox strategy with the Titanfall 2 tech test – it was hosted across two separate weekends.

The first of which took place this past weekend, with the second – and seemingly final – pre-release test due to go live on August 26 from 9am PT/12pm ET. As previously announced, Titanfall 2‘s beta has and will continue to be console exclusive, and in a newly-published blog post, Lead Engineer Jon Shiring sheds some light on how the creative team are drawing feedback from the two-tier multiplayer test.

According to the post, Respawn has honed in on “at least a dozen” technical issues that reared their head during the test, most of which you likely didn’t see. One key takeaway is the developer’s approach to how fast players are able to hop in and out of matches. Leveraging the “new server infrastructure,” Shiring noted that the team is “using that knowledge to verify that we can spin up servers really quickly so players aren’t left waiting.”

Titanfall 2 also has a larger player base to handle than its predecessor, given Respawn’s mech-on-mech sequel is launching as a multi-platform title. At least based on the inaugural beta, though, the servers are off to a commendable start, with Shiring admitting, “our matchmaker had a trial by fire this weekend, and we’re really happy with the results.”

“We were amazed by the creativity and fun that gamers brought to the game through their own Networks. Networks were created for real humans to use, and no simulation can prove that it would be successful like real people can.”

Titanfall 2‘s second beta test goes live on August 26, starting at 9am PT/12pm ET. Look for the full package to descend from orbit on October 28.

Source: Respawn

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