Respawn Shuts Down Hopes Of A Third Titanfall Game

Titanfall 2

For a time the game studio Respawn touted Titanfall as their star pony, releasing the first installment in the series as an exclusive title for the Xbox One. Despite the game receiving a sequel, it seems Respawn’s interest in furthering the franchise has all but dissipated as a member of the team shared some news to fans eagerly awaiting the third game in the series.

While Titanfall 2 does still does receive much love from the community, who are eagerly awaiting further updates for the game, or a sequel. During a live stream, Respawn Community Coordinator Jason Garza urged fans not to get their hopes up.

“Don’t get your hopes up, man. I’ve said this before. We don’t have anything in the works. There’s nothing. There’s nothing there. We’ve got too many other games in the works right now.”

This news shouldn’t come as a huge shock for fans who haven’t received any further updates to Titanfall 2, or news of a sequel in quite a while. Respawn’s interests shifted away from the game after the successful launch of their Battle Royale, Apex Legends which has continued to dominate the genre and continually receive new content.

While there isn’t anything new on the horizon, Respawn still appears to be committed to cleaning up the community present on the first two Titanfall games which have become riddled with hackers over the years. For the immediate future, these games are the only Titanfall experiences players will have the chance to be a part of.

Update, Sept. 23 8:47 pm CT: Respawn has responded to reports stating that TItanfall is still very much a part of the company. They also teased that there could be something within the game’s universe in the future.