Retailer Slates Homefront: The Revolution For May Release



For a game that incorporates themes of occupation and curfews, it would seem US retailer Target has broken a curfew of its own after one eagle-eyed consumer (via XboxAchievements) spotted a release date for Homefront: The Revolution while in store.

According to the post, Target appears to be taking pre-orders for the action sequel ahead of its purported release on May 17 in North America. While we await official word from either Dambuster Studios or publisher Deep Silver, you can find the image that seemingly reveals The Revolution‘s due date ahead of schedule down below.

Emerging from a troubled spell in development, Homefront: The Revolution began life at Crytek UK, though development woes and internal issues regarding payment soon led to the sequel being placed on the back burner, before it was eventually picked up by Dambuster. Now, with a multiplayer beta slated for early 2016 – coming first to Xbox One – it would appear that the company’s resilient follow-up is nearing its launch window, though it’s too early to tell whether Target’s listing is accurate or if it’s a placeholder.

Boasting guerrilla warfare across the city of Philadelphia, Homefront: The Revolution is nothing if not stylish, though whether Dambuster’s beleaguered sequel can emerge from development hell later this year – May, seemingly – unscathed will be told in time.


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