Retro City Rampage, Tomb Raider And Colonization Are Headed To GOG

One of the many interesting announcements to arise from CD Projekt RED‘s summer conference, is that Retro City Rampage, the upcoming 8-bit parody of modern open-world games from Vblank Entetainment Inc, will be available on upon its release later this year.

Having also revealed that they have acquired the first three games of the Tomb Raider series, Good Old Games appears to be living up to their namesake by bringing some past pleasures into the present. With the rather notable “remastered for windows” Tomb Raider collection coming in at only $10, the only real reason to not pick it up upon release is if you have already raided your wallet in order to buy the various other games GOG has to offer.

These games, which includes Sid Meier’s Colonization for $6 as well as the indie title Tiny and Big (which is due out on June 19th and available to pre-order for only $9), are however somewhat overshadowed, for me at least, by the special pre-order program GOG are hosting for Resonance.

Resonance, the latest point-and-click adventure from the genre veterans Wadjet Eye Games, can be picked up with not only a 10 percent discount to its name but with access to a four hour preview that you can play prior to its June 19th launch. If past form is anything to go by, this will most assuredly be an awesome adventure.

Source: Joystiq

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