Retro Sci-Fi Inspired Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Heads To Consoles Next Week


The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are set to be invaded by extraterrestrials next week, as Merge Games has announced that they will be bringing Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space to both consoles. The Z4G0 developed release, which is already available on Steam, will carry a cost of $14.99 when it launches.

Developed by a single person, Fabrizio Zagaglia (AKA Z4G0), Albedo centers around night-watchman John T. Longy. Stationed at a mostly abandoned, yet still hidden, research facility, Longy’s usual routine is interrupted by a massive explosion. Awakening to a large hole where the ceiling used to be, Longy soon finds himself in the midst of what appears to be an alien invasion. As he works his way deeper into the facility, our hero must not only save himself, but also the world from this alien menace.


Heavily influenced by pulpy sci-fi movies that Mystery Science Theater 3000 surely ripped apart, Z4G0’s debut effort promises to give gamers more than enough mind-bending puzzles to solve. And while Longy will mostly be solving assorted brain teasers in order to progress his way through the research facility, he will also have the chance to use alien-technology in order to fight off his mutated enemies.

From the looks of it, Albedo appears to be a cross between the mental challenge of The Talos Principle and the alien-killing action of Area 51. A strange combination, sure, but certainly one I would have an interest in. I’m always looking for unique experiences in genres, such as first-person shooters, that tend to be fairly stagnant. Hopefully Fabrizio Zagaglia’s solo project can strike the right balance between shooting and puzzle solving.

Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space is set to hit Xbox One consoles everywhere and European PlayStation 4 consoles next week. North American PS4 owners will have to wait a little bit longer, though, as the title won’t launch until February 2nd.