Reunite The Realms When Portal Knights Launches Through Steam


505 Games have unveiled an announcement trailer for their upcoming sandbox RPG, known as Portal Knights, due to arrive through Steam Early Access this month. The action-packed trailer introduces the major features of the game, as well as teasing an introduction to the ambitious story at the heart of its campaign.

In Portal Knights, you’ll start your adventure as a Warrior, Mage or Ranger. Fighting against villainous monsters and spectacular bosses, you’ll be able to level up and hone your skills as you seek to reunite the realms following the devastating event, known as ‘The Fracture,’ that tore the world apart at the seams.

As the game progresses, you’ll travel between randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds, each of which boasts unique environments, creatures and resources for crafting. In each world you can explore caves, mineshafts and dungeons filled with surprises as you look for more portal shards to take you to the next stage.

Portal Knights also features multiplayer adventuring, meaning you can join friends in 4-person cooperative modes. Here you’ll have to work together to build structures, explore dungeons and overcome the toughest perils that the shattered realm has to offer.

With an attractive 3D style and an epic adventure to be had, Portal Knights is arriving for Steam Early Access on February 26th. We’ll bring you more news on its progress as it comes to us.

Source: 505 Games

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