Reveal Of Original Criterion Franchise Promises New Vehicles And New Adventures

Criterion IP

Criterion Games teased an inside look at their newest IP during the EA press conference today. The original, unnamed property looks to take the studios’ experience with all things fast, and apply it to every single vehicle in existence that isn’t a car, all from a first person perspective.

Spread throughout the video is concept art and early prototype footage of what looks to be an all-encompassing extreme sports experience. ATVs, helicopters, planes, boats, wingsuits, parachutes, jetskis and snowmobiles are all in the mix for whatever this game turns out to be, with not so much as a release window or platform announced as of yet. The trailer is more a show of the studio’s excitement than anything else, something fans will want to be assured of following the departure of studio Vice President/Creative Director Alex Ward, and Studio Director Fiona Sperry earlier this year.

Details are otherwise scarce, but the trailer below offers a commendably realistic depiction of a game that’s still early in development, but overflowing with potential.