Rey Mysterio To Appear In 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis


Booyaka. Booyaka. Former WWE champion Rey Mysterio will be a playable character in Serious Parody’s upcoming PlayStation 4 title 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis. If it sounds familiar, it’s because the first game in the 5 Star Wrestling series released on PlayStation 3 earlier this year. Sadly for professional wrestling fans, the title was a mess, but it seems like Serious Parody has big plans for the sequel.

Set to release in early 2016, 5 Star Wrestling will aim to be an alternative to the Yukes developed WWE 2K games. Not much is known about it at this time, except that Rey Mysterio will be a playable character, which is notable since the original 5 Star Wrestling mainly featured parody versions of wrestlers, rather than getting the likeness rights.

Serious Parody Founder Dan Hinkles was excited to work with a professional wrestler of Rey Mysterio’s caliber, and had this to say about him appearing in the game:

“We here at Serious Parody have huge plans for 5 Star Wrestling and signing the absolute greatest high flyer of all time, Rey Mysterio, is not only an incredible step in the right direction for our company but on a personal level, as a life long wrestling fan, it’s a dream come true to work with one of the very best wrestlers in history.  Rey Mysterio could sign with the WWE at anytime but he has chosen to work with us instead; it’s truly surreal and hopefully a sign of big things to come.”

While additional details on the upcoming PlayStation 4 game are scarce, Serious Parody did announce that they will be running a series of professional wrestling events in January to promote the title. Surprisingly, the UK-based events will have some massive star power as both Rey Mysterio and former TNA champion AJ Styles will be working matches. The shows will take place from January 13-15, with Mysterio versus Styles taking place on January 14. More information, and ticket details, can be found on the developer’s website.

When asked about the main event of the January 14 show, Dan Hinkle was excited about getting to make a dream match between Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles:

“AJ Styles is arguably the greatest wrestler on the planet today. Top tier wrestling personalities including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Taz and Jim Ross, have all recently pointed out that he should be applying his trade in the WWE. To have him go one-on-one with Rey Mysterio… there honestly isn’t a bigger match that a wrestling promoter other than Vince McMahon himself could make right now. It’s never been possible before and who knows if it will ever happen again and I’m so excited to be able to give wrestling fans an opportunity to see this match.”

While the actual wrestling events seem more interesting than the game they are supposed to be promoting, this is a serious chance for 5 Star Wrestling: Regenesis to make a major impact. Many fans have been unhappy with the WWE 2K series for years, so there is certainly room for a solid competitor.

We’ll have more coverage on 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis once more details become available, but as of now, it certainly seems like a wrestling game to keep an eye on.

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