Rico Rodriguez Is On A Mission To Blow Shit Up In Latest Just Cause 3 Trailer


What’s better than wingsuits and explosions, you ask? Why those things mixed with upbeat rock music, aerial stunts and tons of gunplay, of course!

Thanks to Avalanche, we now have another look at Just Cause 3, and it’s explosive to say the least. After all, it not only shows all of the above — including the amazing-looking wingsuit — but also highlights other tricks and tools, which combine to create a symphony of badassdom.

It’s the town of Costa Del Porto where this captured mission takes place, and the enemy-controlled outpost has no idea of what it’s in for. The baddies are in the process of burning the place down, and are expecting to have to deal with our friend Rico at some point, but his fast and unpredictable entrance catches them snoozing. After that, all Hell breaks loose, as buildings begin to crumble, planes start falling out of the sky and enemies meet their maker.

Just Cause 3 is aiming to ‘Set the World on Fire’ on December 1st, and is looking like it’ll be one heck of a wild ride.