How To Get Rid Of Jill Valentine’s Parasites In Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3

Almost all Jill Valentine owners have to deal with her picking up parasites at some point. While you would assume the obvious answer is to take her down to the vet and get a course of de-worming tablets, there’s actually a handy-dandy treatment you can apply at home that’ll have your Jill as frisky as she ever was, with a lustrous coat and wagging tail. Most Jills tend to pick up their parasites early in Resident Evil 3, just after picking up the lockpick. You’ll notice when it happens because a disgusting creature called a Drain Deimos will grab her and implant them in her.

It looks horrible and sounds worse, but be aware that parasites won’t actually kill Jill. They’ll slow her down and make her look pretty rough, but eventually she’ll puke them up naturally. But if you want her system clean sooner rather than later, then all you need is that iconic Resident Evil standby: a green herb.

You may have some of these ready to go already, but if you don’t, there’s one in the nearby room with the gardening supplies. Simply use it and watch as Jill pukes disgusting bugs everywhere. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine in no time.

Longtime Resident Evil players will be relieved that the solution is so simple. In Resident Evil – CODE: Veronica there’s an infamous ‘moth’ hallway. These lay eggs on you and can only be cured with a blue herb, which are usually substantially rarer than the green ones. In addition, the Resident Evil 2 G-Virus monsters implanted parasites that fatally burst from their host if they detect a DNA incompatibility, and suffice it to say, you don’t want that happening to you.

Though the parasites may be grosser than they’ve ever been before in Resident Evil 3, they’re at least easy to get rid of. And frankly, Jill Valentine is made out of strong stuff and won’t let a simple thing like a monster filling her with insects stop her.