Take A Ride To Berlin In A New Clip From Wolfenstein: The New Order


While the Wolfenstein franchise has typically embraced the “shoot first, ask questions later” way of thinking, MachineGames is looking to change that with their upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order. In a new clip released from the game, we step into the shoes of protagonist B.J. Blaskowicz as he tries to keep his cool in the face of harsh questioning from the menacing Frau Engel.


As you can see from the clip, Wolfenstein: The New Order will have a larger narrative focus and these dynamic scenes play a major role in that. As much as I enjoy hunting down Nazis, it’s nice to see that MachineGames’ take on the series will feature more than just your basic corridor shooting.

In addition to this gameplay clip, Bethesda also released a developer spotlight video on MachineGames’ Narrative Designer Tommy Tordsson Bjork. In the video, Bjork explains what exactly he does and that creating Frau Engel was such a proud moment for him because she’s “such a cool, female villain, which is not that common in video games.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order will launch on May 20 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. We will continue to have coverage of the title in the lead up to its release so stay tuned.