Take A Ride On Rainbow Road With This New Mario Kart 8 Trailer


Nintendo has released a new trailer today for Mario Kart 8 that showcases some brand new items as well as a group of returning fan favorite tracks.

The first entry to be produced with stunning HD graphics, Mario Kart 8 not only has a smattering of new features, but also brings back several from previous iterations of the franchise. In this trailer, we get a look at two brand new power-ups: the Piranha Plant and the Boomerang Flower. The Piranha Plant will latch itself onto to the front of your vehicle and chomp at anything it comes across, be it banana peel or opponent, while also granting you a brief speed boost. The Boomerang Flower can be thrown backwards or forwards and will strike any target in its path.

While the series’ smooth racing mechanics have always been a draw, to me the quality of each entry in the franchise largely depends on the courses featured. Thankfully, Mario Kart 8 won’t suffer from a lack of tracks, as there will be a total of 32 courses included, with 16 being new and 16 returning from previous entries. Some of the returning courses include Mario Kart Wii‘s Moo Moo Meadows and Mario Kart 64‘s Toad Turnpike and Rainbow Road.

While Nintendo may be having trouble trying to get the Wii U to catch on with the general public, it’s not for a lack of trying. The first-party titles released by them have been mostly impressive and Mario Kart 8 is looking like it will continue that trend with its spectacular graphics, wide course variety and typically excellent gameplay.

Mario Kart 8 is currently scheduled to be released on May 30th, exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

Source: Polygon