Ride To Hell: Retribution Gets Another Grindhouse-Type Trailer

ride to hell retribution (1)

Deep Silver has released another trailer for Ride to Hell: Retribution, giving us one more Grindhouse-style cinematic look before the game’s release later this month.

Similar to the previous two Ride to Hell: Retribution trailers that were released after the game’s surprise re-announcement last April, the vast majority of this new offering has been cobbled together from footage taken from in-game cutscenes. There is a little bit of what appears to be actual gameplay tossed into the mix, but it is not nearly enough to make any determinations about the title.

Basically, if the lackluster graphics and poor character animations in Retribution‘s prior videos gave you pause for concern, there is not much in this latest trailer to ease your mind.

Perhaps the biggest unknown with Ride to Hell: Retribution is that we still have very little idea as to what kind of game Deep Silver is trying to sell us. Ride to Hell, as it was originally announced in 2008, was an open-world game that had you playing as a Vietnam vet turned 1960′s motorcycle club prospect, working his way up the ranks of the club.

This newly announced revamp is still set in the the same time period, but just about everything else has changed. In Retribution players will take on the role of Jake Conway as he sets out to get revenge on the “biker gang” The Devil’s Hand. Outside of those plot changes, Deep Silver has provided very little details about the actual game itself. We are not even sure if it is still an open-world game.

At any rate, Ride to Hell: Retribution is set to launch on June 25, 2013 in North America (June 28th internationally) for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. We will have a review of the game around that time, so make sure to check back for the full scoop.