Rime Trailer Shows ICO-Inspired Pretties For PlayStation 4


Welp, another major Sony press conference has come and gone with nary a mention of The Last Guardian, the long-awaited followup to Shadow of the Colossus. While the title’s absence was certainly disappointing, the indie games portion of their press conference did unveil the trailer for Rime — which looks like it might provide a fix for those of us still yearning for Team Ico to actually release something.

Developed by Tequila Works (the studio behind last year’s stylish horror side-scroller Deadlight), Rime‘s debut trailer shows a variety of beautiful cel-shaded ancient ruins, and high grass-laden cliff ledges to shimming across. The protagonist frightens animals with his or her mere presence and scares away some sort of shadowy ghost with a torch, which appears to have been rescued from the ICO castle or any number of The Legend of Zelda dungeons.

Knowing nothing else about Rime at this time, I’m already excited at the possibility of exploring this gorgeous open-world. To get another perspective, I decided to show the trailer to my three-year-old daughter (who I’ve been introducing to video games lately) to see how it made her feel. When it ended, I asked her, “How does that look?”

She replied, “Good. It’s pretty.”

There you have it. It is really pretty… I’m so proud.

Rime looks like something worth keeping track of, and we’ll do just that.