Rise Of The Tomb Raider Achievements Revealed


Rise of the Tomb Raider may see Lara Croft climbing impossible heights and exploring lost civilizations, but those won’t be her only achievements.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has revealed the game’s complete list of achievements for Xbox One and Xbox 360 ahead of its November release, and they mostly include the standard fare for the genre. Translating ancient artifacts and beating challenge tombs won’t be a surprise to anyone who played the series before, though some achievements will also have you enflaming local wildlife.

As the video above illustrates, one achievement in particular will have Ms. Croft pulling off a head shot with her bow and arrow at a whopping 25 meters, earning you 15 gamer points and awarding the British adventurer an “English Pedigree.”

Among the descriptions for the game’s secret achievements are what could be potential spoilers for the fate of a familiar supporting character along with the name of the main antagonist. Still, they leave much up to the imagination as we wait patiently for the game to arrive in a little over a month.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will release this November 10th on Xbox One and 360. As a part of its timed exclusivity with Xbox, the game will hit Playstation 4 and PC in holiday of 2016.

Source: Major Nelson

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