Robin Williams Will Be Memorialized In World Of Warcraft



The world is still reeling after the tragic passing of one of its greatest comedians, actors, and human beings in general, Robin Williams. A great deal of his work has affected our lives in numerous ways – I know I personally grew up on many of his films – so it’s only natural for society to want to repay the debt.

Some of you may not know this, but Williams was an avid gamer and proud nerd. He even named his daughter Zelda after the classic Legend Of Zelda franchise. Additionally, he was a fan of the cultural phenomenon that is World Of Warcraft, and reportedly took his character very seriously. It was a game he greatly enjoyed playing, just as much as he loved interacting with his fans.

Coming full circle here, fans of World Of Warcraft started a petition on wishing for the developers to honor him within the game. No one really knows how Blizzard will go about that yet, but they have confirmed that they are working on memorializing his character in some fashion.

We will have more updates on how Blizzard plans to honor Williams as we get them, but for now, we here at We Got This Covered send our regards to the Williams family. Robin Williams was truly an inspiration, and he will be greatly missed.

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