Robin Williams In The New Legend Of Zelda Commercial

Robin Williams has been a super fan of Nintendo’s Zelda video game for over 20 years, and now he will appear in a new commercial for the Nintendo 3DS game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The new 3-D Zelda adventure hits stores June 19th.

Williams is such a big Zelda fan that he named his daughter after the game‘s princess. Her name is Zelda Rae Williams, and she’s an actress as well. She also appears in the commercial with Williams, and they play real-life father and daughter having a bonding moment over the video game.

THR reports that Japanese game creator Shigeru Miyamoto named Zelda after Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald (Great Gatsby). But in an interview with Williams and his daughter about the Nintendo spot, Williams said his daughter is certainly named after the game and not Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Williams added that he and his wife were playing Legend of Zelda when they were pregnant with their daughter for hours and hours at a time. It and other Nintendo video games were addicting, and Williams told his daughter she was lucky she wasn’t named Mario, or Peach.

Williams is an iconic comedic actor, whose career broke out after starring in ‘80s spacey sitcom Mork & Mindy. It’s not new to see famous actors or other public figures making appearances in commercials, and with the economy as it is even A-listers and pop stars might take the easy paycheck. Expect more splashes like the one Eminem made during the Super Bowl when he appeared in a Chrysler commercial.