Rock Band 4 Brings Psychonauts Accessories And Many Fixes With New Update



Harmonix said before the launch of Rock Band 4 in October that they were planning to support the game through frequent patches and song DLC rather than planning a fifth title, and that still appears to be the case. While there’s still no word on any noteworthy new mechanics like the introduction of Brutal Mode in December’s update, the latest patch, available today on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, offers a myriad of technical improvements and a fun nod to another franchise.

Due to a previously discovered exploit, Harmonix has also completely reset every leaderboard in the game, and while local scores and stars will remain displayed, competitive players will have to replay songs to see how they stack up against the rest of the world. The Play A Show mode, which offers a more freeform, voting-based method of continuous song selection instead of revisiting the main menus, now allows both leaderboard support and the option to send in-game taunts to friends.

Also, similar to the Fallout-themed outfits introduced in December, players now have the ability for their custom characters to don the iconic cap worn by Raz, protagonist of the Psychonauts series, as well as T-shirts sporting the logo of Whispering Rock Camp from the original 2005 title.

Other changes include many technical tweaks, ranging from audio adjustments for better sound to exploit fixes. For a full list of updates, follow the link below.

Source: Harmonix

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