Rock Band 4 Will Run At 1080p And 60FPS


Though we still don’t have any trailers or screenshots for the recently announced Rock Band 4 just yet, series creators Harmonix have confirmed some technical specs for the game that will please those who are picky about graphical presentation.

Eric Pope, a product manager for the developer, recently confirmed in an interview that Rock Band 4 will run at 1080p and 60 frames per second on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Furthermore, the development team has created a completely new graphical engine to properly harness the increased horsepower of both newer consoles compared to the last-generation systems that the series previously appeared on.

Pope further elaborated, saying: “It’s going to look ‘next-gen’ with more realistic lighting, character models, and animation.” He also teased a possible new online features for the series, stating:

“What, to me, is more exciting is the online infrastructure of the consoles. It will open a lot [of] opportunities for us to support the game in more reactive, timely ways.”

As a fan of the series, I recall that Rock Band 3, which was released back in 2010, boasted 60 FPS for the ‘note highway’ that showed which triggers to activate on each instrument controller, but had a lower framerate for the animated band playing in the background. For Rock Band 4, it will be nice to see everything running at a uniform speed, and hopefully Pope’s words ring true and the fourth entry truly looks like a game that can only be made on modern consoles.

Rock Band 4 is scheduled to launch later this year. We’ll keep you updated on the game as more news drops.