Rock Band DLC For The Week Of September 5th – EMF And Cheap Trick

After we got the Red Hot Chilli Peppers last week, Rock Band adds some classic Guitar Hero songs to its catalogue this week with the addition of Cheap Trick, and the tracks are, of course, pretty catchy in their own right. If that doesn’t get your band’s blood a-pumping, 90s hit Unbelievable will also be made available to download.

Songs cost a couple of dollars each and contain tracks for guitar, bass, drums, vocals, harmonies and keys (where applicable.)

Cheap Trick

  • Live at Budokan (1978)
    • I Want You To Want Me
    • Surrender (With Pro-Guitar tracks)
  • Dream Police
    • Dream Police
  • Schubert Dip
    • Unbelievable (With Pro-Guitar tracks)
I may pick up the Cheap Trick tracks when I’ve got some spare cash, especially considering they’ll be available in a pack for slightly cheaper. What about you? What will you be buying?