Rocket League Is Getting Free Portal DLC Tomorrow

Rocket League Portal

Even more Rocket League goodies are on their way. This time, developers Psyonix have teamed up with Valve to bring players a collection of officially-licensed Portal items, which are to be released tomorrow, December 1st, for free. This, along with the announcement of the free Winter Games items and Snow Day DLC, shows the developers are certainly getting into the charitable spirit of the season.

Once again, just like the upcoming Christmas gifts, these Portal items will be randomly awarded to players at the end of a match regardless if they win or lose. So it doesn’t matter if the accuracy of your automobile acrobatic skills are a bit off—you will still be able to spruce up your vehicle with cubes, cores, and cake.

Unlike the Winter Games items, there is no indication that the Portal items are only available for a limited time, so there is no need to worry about a mad rush to unlock all of them before they disappear.

Here is the complete list of items:

  • Cake (Topper)
  • Conversion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Propulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Repulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Aperture Laboratories (Antenna)
  • Cake Sticker (Antenna)
  • Companion Cube (Antenna)
  • Personality Core (Antenna)
  • PotatOS (Antenna)

So if you want to customise your Rocket League car to look like Aperture Science’s latest prototype, rev up your engine and get on the pitch starting from tomorrow.