Rocket League Slated To Come To Xbox One In February 2016


Earlier this week, a Taiwan ratings listing appeared to leak the announcement that Rocket League would be headed to Xbox One sometime in the future. During The Game Awards ceremony tonight, it was officially confirmed that Psyonix’s addictive multiplayer title is indeed coming to Microsoft gamers next February.

Already a smash hit on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, Rocket League will come to Xbox One with a majority of the features currently found in the game. The genre bending title will carry a cost of $19.99, and comes with three of the previously released DLC packs: Chaos Run, Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Supersonic Fury. Additionally, the recently released Back to the Future DLC pack will be released along-side the main game.

Although Xbox One gamers will miss out on the assorted limited time updates already released for the title, Psyonix will include a few platform specific goodies. Two new vehicles, the Hogsticker and Armadillo, will only be available in this version. The Armadillo is, of course, from Gears of War, while the Hogsticker is the studio’s take on the iconic Warthog from Halo.

As a PlayStation 4 owner who has already been entranced by Rocket League, I’m excited for a whole new batch of gamers to get their hands on this one. Psyonix have crafted one of the more enjoyable multiplayer titles in recent memory, and even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of sports games, I implore you to check it out regardless