New Rocksmith 2014 Video Showcases Guitarcade & Score Attack Modes


We’re gradually getting more info on Rocksmith 2014 in the weeks leading up to its October 22 release, with the latest promotional video offering details on both the minigames players will be able to try out in the game’s “Guitarcade” mode, along with a new Score Attack mode.

Guitarcade, like the original title, is a collection of minigames that also make use of real-life guitars for control input, and all serve to improve the player’s shredding skills in various ways. These will include such titles as Ducks Redux, where players strum a specific string and fret to shoot virtual ducks, Scale Racer, where players maneuver a car to escape a police chase, one Wailin’, which will control a character’s altitude based on the volume of the player’s strumming, and Return To Castle Chordead, which will mimic the visual style of classic arcade rail shooters such as House of the Dead, and have players strum specific chords to attack enemies.

The other major new feature that gets brought up in the video is the brand-new Score Attack mode, which will apparently veer more towards the conventional rhythm game style of such titles as Rock Band & Guitar Hero, complete with multipliers and preset difficulties. Details on this mode are a bit scarce at the  moment, but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

We will keep you updated on Rocksmith 2014, which is currently planned for a simultaneous launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC,  as more news develops.