New Rocksmith 2014 Video Showcases Improvements & Additions


With Rocksmith 2014, Ubisoft is looking to make some major improvements and overhauls to the template established by the original 2011 title. To give players some info on what to expect, the company has released a new promotional trailer featuring both gameplay footage and narration from some of the developers detailing what enhancements players can expect to find in the guitar and bass-centric game.

Things look to be more customizable and user-friendly this time around. The Riff Repeater mode from the original will be instantly accessible at any point for any song, instead of having to quit to a menu. Numerous features can be tweaked in it too, allowing for players to play specific sections of each song at the difficulty and speed that they desire. Another new feature will be the game’s ability to detect and notify the player of missed notes. The USB cable that connects between the player’s console of choice and their guitar will work with the new game, negating the need to buy another combo package. All downloadable songs for the first game will also be playable again and updated to support the new features and techniques Rocksmith 2014 introduces.

An impressive technical achievement will be a total omission of loading times, making for a more seamless and easily accessible experience. For the menus, Xbox 360 owners will be able to use the Kinect for voice-controlled selections, negating the need to switch between a guitar and a controller. As far as actual gameplay goes, notes will be more specific in their display when it comes to showing such things as timing and placement of bends and slides.

Rocksmith 2014 is currently scheduled for a simultaneous release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC on October 22. We will keep you updated as more details for the game become available.