Rockstar Issues Fix For Grand Theft Auto Duke O’ Death Exploit In Classic Fashion


Players who exploited the Duke O’ Death glitch in Grand Theft Auto V may want to take heed, as Rockstar has implemented a rather brilliant anti-cheating measure that punishes those who took advantage of the bug.

For the uninitiated, the Duke O’ Death is an overpowered vehicle found in the game’s single-player campaign. It is, for all intents and purposes, almost indestructible, and it wasn’t long before players attempted to transfer it into Grand Theft Auto Online to get a leg up on the competition. While it worked for a limited period of time, it’s understood that Rockstar has since patched the exploit, meaning that although the supercar can remain in your garage, you’ll not be able to race it in any of the online events.

That’s not all, though. Try to get into the Duke O’ Death for a bout of good old fashioned Grand Theft Auto mayhem and the automobile will explode, killing your in-game protagonist in an instant in classic Rockstar fashion. From what we understand, additional modded cars will be targeted through the title’s newly-revised anti-cheating system, though it is only the Duke O’ Death that is exhibiting any signs of being affected.

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Rockstar Games’ sequel will make its long-awaited debut on PC come April 14, a date that will no doubt be sketched into the calendars of the modding faithful.