Rockstar Pays Homage To Tron In Latest GTA Online Update, Introduces New Battle Mode


Rockstar’s rolled out its latest content update for GTA Online – the hugely-popular online counterpart to Grand Theft Auto V – today, which sees the arrival of a new competitive mode and some colorful new rides.

An obvious tribute to cult 80s sci-fi film Tron, the patch sees the streets of Los Santos turned into a “stylish, electronic videogame battle to the death,” where players compete against each other on the new, neon-lit Nagasaki Shotaro bike. For use in the new Deadline mode, the aim of the game is to face-off against three other players in a winner-takes-all battle. There’s no race to the finish line here, your only goal is to be the last competitor left alive.

As luck would have it, those exhaust trails emitted by your bike are exceptionally dangerous, and you’ll need to “make calculated movements to force your opponents to cross your trail’s path” in order to take them down. Various power-ups are scattered around the arena to help you gain a competitive edge, including speed boosts and time-stopping triggers that allow precision movement.

The Nagasaki Shotaro and Deadline mode are available to play now in GTA Online. Watch the trailer above for an idea of how well Rockstar has nailed the 80s aesthetic.