Rockstar Rumoured To Be Working On A Wii 2 Title

This is potentially big news as Rockstar are one of the most elite and respected publishers in the industry, and one of the few who consistently put out ‘hardcore’ titles. Nintendo has gained a reputation over the past few years of being the ‘casual console’ option, with PS3 and 360 owners sniggering at the likes of Epic Mickey and Super Mario Galaxy. The company haven’t particularly run away from this image either, in fact you could argue they embraced the judgement and sold their follow up products to this so called ‘casual market’.

Most won’t argue with this (for once we can say that), but now with the word on the Wii 2 slithering about like a flaming cobra, Joystiq reports that they’ve learned that Rockstar are working on some goodies for this Wii successor. Their source is a French website and if previous reports from the same site are to be believed (these are the guys who broke the NGP specs way before Sony told everyone) then this new Nintendo console is powerful enough to match and even trump the 360 and PS3. This also could mean that GTA V might be looking at another additional platform.

The Wii 2 is believed to be revealed officially at this year’s E3 conference, with features like an HD screen-D-pad – hybrid and much more to dazzle the world. With word that several other major publishers are secretly working on projects for this new console, speculation has begun on whether this might just put Nintendo back into the hardcore market.

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