Rockstar May Be Teasing South America Setting For Grand Theft Auto 6


It’s that time of the week again, fellow Grand Theft Auto 6 theorists.

Series creator Rockstar, despite giving literally zero indication that a sequel is on the way (let alone even in development), has inadvertently sent fans into a frenzy of speculation. The culprit that’s prompted this renewed period of wild theorizing is a teaser trailer tweeted out on social media by the studio earlier today and involves Grand Theft Auto V‘s phenomenally successful online counterpart.

Primarily intended to whip up interest for GTA Online‘s latest upcoming update, the short video clip begins with a flyover of Los Santos’ Diamond Casino & Resort before the feed is interrupted by faux signal interference. Before returning to normal, a split-second computer render of what appears to be Earth itself flashes up on-screen and this, fans believe, is Rockstar’s first sly hint at Grand Theft Auto 6‘s setting.

We’ll explain just how everything fits together below. First, check out the footage in question below:

As per a thread that’s since popped up on Reddit, user ApplelypseNow believes that the teaser could be hinting at South America as the unconfirmed sequel’s setting due to being the only highlighted continent on the map. Grasping at straws? Perhaps, though another fan responding to the thread stipulates how a previous heist added to GTA Online featured similar imagery. Vice City, Cuba and Columbia were all specifically marked on a computer discovered in the otherwise unremarkable mission, lending credence, however circumstantial, to the running theory.

As always, none of this should be taken at face value until the developer comes out and officially announces Grand Theft Auto 6 to the world. At the very least, we’ll finally be able to put the unending tidal wave of rumors to rest. Sooner rather than later please, Rockstar.

Source: Reddit