Rockstar Unveils New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Got a case of the Mondays? Rockstar Games has you covered, Grand Theft Auto V style. This morning the fine folks at Rockstar unveiled three brand new screenshots for the next installment in their genre-defining Grand Theft Auto series.

As usual, Rockstar is keeping mum on any new information, instead having the audience glean what they can from a handful of screenshots. Which, admit it, is half the fun of waiting for a new GTA. In these screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V, we see plenty of stuff that makes us yearn for those halcyon days of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

In short, it appears that cycling and fighter jets are back, both of which hardcore GTA fans missed from GTA IVThe other image shows off the redesigned Cheetah. These super-tight shots aren’t giving us much in terms of information, but we can safely ascertain that GTA V is going to be beautiful.