Rockstar Might Be Working On A Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remaster

Grand Theft auto San Andreas

Rockstar’s next major release might not be Grand Theft Auto 6 at all but modern remasters of past games in the series.

That’s what many fans are starting to think, at least, following the emergence of several rumors online that appear to be alluding to exactly that. Originating from the unofficial GTA Forums – which has supplied accurate information and leaks in the past – GTA Base reports that members of the forum’s admin team have been teasing that something related to the studio’s flagship franchise is due to be announced within the next three months. As for what the supposed reveal will entail, an image posted over on Twitter by GTA Forums admin uNi is said to provide a massive clue.

Tailored to look like Shark Cards (premium currency items purchasable in GTA Online), a string of identical numbers on the fan-made merchandise are believed to be directly hinting at a trio of remasters. Check out the picture for yourself below:

The sequence present on each card pertains to launch dates for Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas and GTA V respectively, with the last likely being included due to the fifth installment’s upcoming next-gen update. That being the case, then, the current leading theory is that uNi’s teaser is implying all four will arrive at the same time and be bundled together for retail sale.

This is, of course, all complete speculation and should be taken with more salt than you likely have stored in the cupboard. Assuming there’s any truth whatsoever to the claims, we’ll likely know when Rockstar has more to share about GTA V‘s Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 updates, so stay tuned.