Rocksteady Rumored To Be Developing A Suicide Squad Game


After amazing gamers the world over with their Batman: Arkham trilogy, Rocksteady has remained the top choice for many when it comes to developing the next major video game to be based on a DC Comics property. In fact, in recent memory, there’d been chatter saying that their next project will focus on the Dark Knight yet again after those Superman rumors had been shot down.

Well, if what we’re here to discuss today ends up panning out, then we should expect to take control of the Suicide Squad before long. Before we proceed, it’s advised that you take this information with a grain of salt, as it comes to us via separate sources that one could call into question. Still, having them spring up at the same time warrants a raised eyebrow.

To start things off, a ResetEra user going by the name of “ThereAreFourNaan ” claimed that they heard something about Rocksteady working on a game spotlighting Task Force X from an unreliable source. Then, someone who was quite jazzed by the rumor asked Kotaku’s Jason Schreier (in a Twitter DM, actually) if the word on the street had any validity to it, only to receive a response of “I wouldn’t want to spoil it.” A winking, smiling emoji was also in tow, but that’s still not cause to begin high-fiving your buddies.

But if anything deserves a closer look, it’s the allegedly leaked internal documents that can be viewed in the accompanying gallery. Surfacing over at 4chan, these memos speak of an unannounced project at WB that reads similarly to those detailing Mortal Kombat 11 which ultimately proved legitimate.

As you can see, Gotham and Star City will serve as some of the hubs to be visited, so I’m wondering if any environments from Arkham games will be reused, too. When it comes to gameplay, teamwork and combat are obviously key ingredients, though customization via loot collection is also said to be thrown in as well. And while no characters are called out specifically (in the portions that weren’t redacted, that is), Ra’s al Ghul will headline an “exclusive timed raid mission” as a pre-order bonus.

If authentic, expect to see a trailer for the Suicide Squad game around the time of June 4th, which is a week before E3. Furthermore, an early 2020 release is being eyed. Needless to say, you should keep watching this space to see if there’s more news to come.

Source: Game Rant