Rooster Teeth Expo Lets You Be Among The First To Play Halo 4

 Listen guys, I hate to be the ones to break this to you, but I don’t think PAX South is going to happen anytime soon. I know, please try to restrain your shock. However, a new challenger to the crown may have arrived. Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) will be making it’s presence known in the convention scene in Austin, Texas come July 7-8th.

Rooster Teeth, the guys behind Red vs Blue, have already announced that Halo 4 will be having its first public multiplayer demo as well as featuring exhibitions from indie developers Twisted Pixel and Robot Entertainment and panels featuring internet darlings such as Mega64 and Freddie Wong.

This is the first year RTX will be open to the public, and it’s looking to be a great alternative from what we’ve come to expect from gaming conventions. RTX is promising to be a more relaxed environment focusing on the games and gamers themselves. Yours truly will be there, so if you want to see your favorite curmudgeon in the flesh, pick up your tickets now. But act fast, tickets are only available for presale until June 22nd, so you better grab them while you can. If you miss out, weekend passes will be available at the door for $60

Confirmed Exhibitors:

  • Button Mash Productions
  • Edge of Reality
  • Game Over Videogames
  • Game Republik
  • Glennz Tees
  • Handelabra
  • IGDA Austin
  • Minicore Studios
  • Motus Digital
  • Penny Arcade
  • Robot Entertainment
  • Sanshee
  • Saturn Rising Productions
  • Twisted Pixel

Confirmed Special Guests:

  • Rocco, Derrick, Shawn, Garrett, and Eric from Mega64
  • Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen
  • Grace Helbig from Daily Grace
  • Milana and Stevie from Live Prude Girls
  • Adam Montoya, aka SeaNanners
  • Stephen Toulouse, aka Stepto
  • Ryan Wyatt from Fwiz Gaming Live
  • Jesse Cowell from Jeskid TV
  • Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine
  • Kent Nichols from
  • Jason Saldaña, the voice of “Tucker” on Red vs. Blue
  • Jenn Brown, the voice of “Agent Carolina” on Red vs. Blue
  • John Erler, the voice of “Agent North” on Red vs. Blue
  • John Reed, the voice of the “Director” on Red vs. Blue
  • Samantha Ireland, the voice of “Agent C.T.” on Red vs. Blue
  • Shannon McCormick, the voice of “Agent Washington” on Red vs. Blue
  • Yomary Cruz, the voice of “Sheila the Tank” on Red vs. Blue