Rosalina Confirmed As Super Mario 3D World’s Fifth Playable Character

super mario 3d world rosalina (1)

Confirming recent speculation, Nintendo announced today that Rosalina (from Super Mario Galaxy) is the “unlockable 5th character” in Super Mario 3D World.

The news came at the tail end (see what I did there!) of a 10 New Things in Super Mario 3D World trailer released on Nintendo’s YouTube channel today. In addition to the announcement, the video (embedded below) provided quite a bit of gameplay footage showing Rosalina’s Galaxy spin attack — which can be used to defeat enemies and/or gain an extra bit of height while jumping.

Here’s to hoping that unlocking Rosalina is an option from the start, as I would much rather just use her on my first playthrough.

The other 9 new things in Super Mario 3D World are not anywhere near as exciting as a playable Rosalina, but some of them (like the top-down shooter stage and bonus Luigi Bros. game) seem like pretty cool additions to the game.

Check out the 10 New Things in Super Mario 3D World trailer below, and look for more coverage on the Wii U title as we get closer to its November 22nd launch.