More Roster Leaks For Soulcalibur V

Nothing is secret anymore, kids. There’s been a leak on a NeoGAF thread that, if true, confirms an old fan favorite and a mysterious new character for upcoming Soulcalibur V.

The shots reveal the return of the staff wielding (and incredibly controversial) Kilik sporting some kind of new, bird-inspired armor, as seen above. The second of the leaked pictures (below) show off Elysium, a divine character that has huge…um….ambitions.

We also can’t really tell what kind of fighting style she appears to have, due to the fact that the only dangerous things we can see in her picture are…er… of her anatomy.

Unless…….that’d be too weird, even for Soulcalibur.

I guess we’ll find out when the game is released on January 31.

What say you, gamers? Have you prepared the RAGEQUIT dance for fighting against Kilik?

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