UPDATED (Now Confirmed): Halo 4 Launching Nov. 6th

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially announced that Halo 4 will be released worldwide on November 6, 2012. Additionally, a segment on Conan tonight on TBS will be used to promote the Fall launch. Source: Games Industry International

Original story below:

The Verge is reporting that “reliable sources” have confirmed to them that Microsoft will launch Halo 4 on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Additionally, the report states that the company will make the announcement official before Noon ET today.

The November date is unconfirmed at this point, but it is in-line with the “Christmas release” mentioned in a recent Microsoft press release. Should this release date turn out to be correct it would put Halo 4 in almost direct competition with this year’s Call of Duty, rumored to be Black Ops 2, which traditionally launches towards the beginning of November.

Aside from the release date, other Halo 4 news is expect to be released today with both Alison Stroll (343 Industries senior producer) and Major Nelson both tweeting that Conan O’Brien will have something to reveal about the game on his show tonight.

It’s unclear what the announcement is, but today is certainly shaping up to be an interesting one for Halo fans.

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