Rumor: Leaked Pictures Of The PS3 Super Slim Hit The Internet

Earlier this month FCC documents were uncovered that detailed the FCC label position on a smaller version of the PS3, dubbed the PS3 Super Slim. Sony has not yet announced any such hardware, nor have they commented on the FCC documents, but the PS3 Super Slim got a little more real this week with the discovery of some unconfirmed pictures of the system.

The images, which first made their way to the Internet via Anatel (the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications), show several views of the rumored PS3 Super Slim, including a bottom view that exactly matches the drawings in the FCC documents. The top view of hardware appears to have some sort of textured surface and possibly a top-loading disc drive, similar to the design of the PS2 Slim.

Officially the PS3 Super Slim is still a rumor, but it’s worth mentioning that the current PS3 Slim was also photographed (and caught on video) long before Sony officially announced it.

We have a few of the images of the rumored PS3 Super Slim in our gallery below, head over to Tecnoblog to see the full set.

Source: Joystiq