Rumor: Nintendo Helping Smartphone Devs Convert Apps For Wii U


It’s no secret that the Wii U‘s library is more than a little lacking at the moment, but if there’s any truth to this new rumor, Nintendo may be trying hard to turn this around – at least on the digital download side of things.

According to supposed sources within the company, Nintendo has begun to offer “professional-use conversion software” to mobile app developers, with the presumed end goal of easily bringing their native apps and games to the Wii U eShop. Specific developers and apps were not provided.

Though this has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo themselves, it does seem to go hand in hand with recent statements made by the company’s president, Satoru Iwata, regarding their recent strategy and new approach to digital distribution:

“We will not simply change our existing packaged software distribution channel. Rather, we might have many other types of business models in addition to packaged software. For example, we might see more games that are similar to free-to-play games, games that cost much less or games that require a monthly subscription fee.

“Digitalization allows for greater flexibility, whereby having more ways to make payments, both software developers and consumers have more options. And Nintendo 3DS and Wii U have flexible systems to handle such trends, so it is now a question of putting these ideas into action. I can definitely say that Nintendo will make new offers that go well beyond simply replacing packaged software with digital software.”

This seems like a smart moves for Nintendo to try and expand their digital offerings. Though there have been some good exclusives on WiiWare and the 3DS, for the most part, these services have lagged far behind Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network in terms of popularity. Embracing the smartphone distribution method, especially considering the Wii U GamePad’s similarities with such devices as the iPad, could be a wise choice. Only time will tell, though.

We will keep you updated on more Wii U and Nintendo news as it develops.