Rumor: PS3 Super Slim Has 16GB Flash, Will Not Be At Gamescom

Citing unnamed sources, VG247 is reporting that the unannounced PS3 Super Slim will not be debuted by Sony at Gamescom, as was planned, due to high stock levels of the current model.

Another unnamed source also reported today that the new PlayStation 3 model will come in three different sizes, a 16GB basic version, and two others with 250GB and 500GB capacity. The source claims that the 16GB version will be a cheaper model that Sony intends to use to combat the 4GB Xbox 360. Additionally, the report claims that the new 4000 series will have a flip-lid disc drive, as we speculated when the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications pictures surfaced earlier this month.

The source also suggested that Sony may slap a massive price cut on the PS3 Super Slim, and offer it for £99. That claim was later dismissed, and as of now there are no plans to offer a £99 PS3.

While the PS3 Super Slim is still officially a rumor, all signs point towards it being the next version of the PlayStation 3. Sony’s Gamescom press conference is scheduled for August 14th, we’ll keep an eye out for any hardware announcements and let you know if anything turns up.