Rumor: Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Characters Already On Disc

Unconfirmed reports claim that early copies of Street Fighter X Tekken already have the game’s future “DLC” hidden on the disc, including the twelve Vita fighters that Capcom said they would eventually bring to the console version.

The report originally comes from Youtube user SoulReaperTTG, whose account was suspended after he posted a bunch of videos showing that he had hacked an early copy of Street Fighter X Tekken. The videos contained evidence that all twelve Vita fighters (and their intros) were on the disc and playable. Additionally, several future “DLC” costumes for the fighters were discovered.

Even more interesting is that the footage showed that the PlayStation 3 exclusive characters Mega Man and Pac-Man, are on the Xbox 360 disc hidden behind a DLC lock.

This information is unconfirmed, but the video evidence and screenshots make it hard to deny. While it may not be breaking any laws, Capcom has acted like this content does not yet exist and they certainly have not made any statements saying that it is hidden on the disc that the consumer already bought.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and how Capcom plans to handle the situation.

Source: Xbox360Achievements