Rumor: Target Wii U Software Cards Indicate A December Launch

GoNintendo has received several pictures of Target’s Wii U software pre-order cards, which seem to indicate that the system will have an early December launch date in the US.

The back of the pre-order cards, for both ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros. U, clearly state “Do not sell card after 11.30.12”. Additionally, there is another blurb of text further down that reads, “Target Reservation Card: Expires 7 Days From Release Date”.

Keep in mind, this in no way confirms that the Wii U hardware will launch in early December, however, Target typically stops selling their reservation cards a few days before the product is released. If that trend holds true with these software pre-order cards, it means that Nintendo is planning to launch their new console a bit later than most of us were expecting.

Interestingly, this speculated later release date also squares with a recent unconfirmed report, which claimed that Nintendo has pushed back the console’s release date in Europe due to manufacturing problems with the Wii U GamePad controller.

We should find out the Wii U‘s official launch plans when Nintendo holds their next press conference on September 13th. Until then this report should be considered speculation.

Source: GoNintendo