Rumor: Ubisoft’s Driver Studio Working On New Racing IP, The Crew



Citing an anonymous source, The Examiner is reporting that Ubisoft Reflections (the developer behind the Driver franchise) is currently working on a new racing game called The Crew.

According to the report, The Crew is being developed as a “realistic title, possibly being positioned against Forza and Gran Turismo.” Outside of that brief description, the source did not provide any other details about the game, but did note that it will be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and possibly their current generation successors.

Backing up the report, is the fact that Ubisoft noted in their latest financial report that they were working on “two unannounced titles,” one of which was an “all new” intellectual property — the other title was apparently Rainbox Six: Patriots.

Since releasing Driver: San Francisco back in 2011, Ubisoft Reflections has helped co-develop both Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs with Ubisoft Montreal, but they are not officially credited as currently working on any other projects. This workload seems to indicate that the developer could have had the time to start work on a new IP at some point during the last two years.

If there is any truth to the rumor about The Crew, it seems likely that we will hear about the title at E3 next month. We will stay on the look out for any official mention of the new game and let you know as soon Ubisoft gives us the high sign.

Source: The Examiner

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